Covid19 ‘Comirnaty’ Vaccine Rollout for those with Complex Care Needs

This post relates to the planned delivery of the Covid19 vaccine to severely disabled people in New Zealand.  The Pfizer vaccine is being used – it is also called the Comirnaty vaccine in New Zealand. 

It is important you know that this vaccine is not mandatory.  Informed Consent is an important part of any medical procedure.  There is some Ministry of Health information available here in their Protecting Aotearoa document. 

Supported Decision Making with your disabled loved one is an important part of the process.  The Ministry of Health is working on four templates for supported decision making for those with communication challenges and intellectual impairments.  We will send you these (and put on our website and Facebook page and in our newsletter) as soon as they’re available. 
The Ministry of Health recognise that people with complex care needs are at risk of contracting COVID 19.  Many people with complex care needs are already included in the planning stage for the vaccine roll-out because they live in ’Residential Care’.  Individualised Funding hosts have also been contacting their clients who receive significant supports, requesting an indication if they and their families, support workers and others in their close bubbles would like to be vaccinated in Group Two too.
The Ministry of Health is now approaching other severely disabled people who might be eligible for Group Two vaccine delivery.  Click here to see the Sequencing Summary for the vaccine rollout.
Complex Care Group have been asked to canvas our members to ascertain who want to be included in this Group Two vaccine delivery.  The level of disability support often received by severely disabled people, and thereby risk of COVID transmission, is equally high (even if your disabled family member isn’t receiving a ‘funded long term care service’).  This means, people may have complex care needs but be receiving little services/supports but you can still put yourself forward to be in the Group Two vaccine rollout. 
If you want your disabled family member (and their bubble) to be included in the Group Two sequence and be contacted by Ministry of Health to discuss your options for vaccine delivery please let me know.  I can be reached by email or by phone 027 266 7690 or by 0800 852 693.  Complex Care Group will collate your name, phone number and/or email address of those who wish to be contacted.  The Ministry’s COVID Planning team needs to understand your preference / approach to get your person vaccinated.  This might be ‘In home’, at GP clinic, in a safe/familiar community site such as Respite facility or Day Programme.   
Important Privacy Disclaimer: By contacting me via email or phone to provide your details you give permission for Complex Care Group to share your details with the Ministry of Health to make contact with you for the sole purpose of scheduling a vaccination for you and your disabled family member.