The Education Review Office and Office for Disability Issues would like to invite disabled learners and their parents/whānau within your membership/networks to participate in a project looking at the quality and inclusivity of education provision for disabled learners. This project focuses on children and young people with significant needs for support and adaptations/accommodations to enable them to thrive in education. Here is a link to an information flyer
About this work
The Education Review Office (ERO) is working in partnership with the Office for Disability Issues and the Human Rights Commission in this evaluation. Together, the findings will inform future actions to improve outcomes for disabled learners.
This work is designed to build on ERO’s previous evaluations of education provision for disabled learners and will complement the Ministry of Education’s Highest Needs Review.
Why participate?
By participating in this evaluation, disabled learners and parents will be able to have a voice in what is or isn’t working and help us to understand what needs to change. We believe input from disabled learners and parents within the Autism New Zealand network would be incredibly valuable.