IHC Video Montage of families/carers voice for incoming government ministers

Please see below information regarding IHC creating a video briefing for incoming government Ministers. The idea is to send the IHC a brief 1 or 2 minute video clip explaining what would benefit you in terms of caring for your disabled family member. They will then create a video montage of these clips for incoming ministers to hear directly from families and carers:

Every time we get a new government, IHC tells them what intellectually disabled people and their families need from them to have better lives.

This time we want intellectually disabled people and families to tell the government what they need to improve their lives – this government needs to hear it from you.

So, we need you to send us short videos – just one to two sentences about what you need.

It could be about needing more money to live on, better housing, cheaper doctor’s bills, better support at school, or help getting a job.

IHC will put these videos together and send them to the government. Have a look at the video below for more explanation.

We will then meet up with the Ministers to ask them how they can help you have a better life.

Tips: Please hold your phone sideways and get quite close to the person talking, so we can hear them! Please keep videos short. They can be of one person or a group. Make sure everyone is happy for people to see it.

Email them to and call 0800 442 442 if you have any questions.