Inclusive Faith Project:
Full Participation means everyone is included in their place of worship.
•What if everyone is included in their chosen faith community?
•What would that mean for the disabled person?
•What would that mean for the faith community?
It’s not just about the temple, mosque, church, synagogue or gurdwara facility being accessible. That’s a bare minimum. The Inclusive Faith Project is a co-designed strategy whose objective is the full participation of disabled persons in the life and practice of their faith communities for mutual benefit of all.
Empathy, respect, social cohesion and justice are worth the effort.
To this end, a series of regional gatherings are happening to bring disabled people into conversation with faith influencers & leaders so that opportunities are fully explored.
The NZ Human Rights Commission, Inclusive Aotearoa Collective, Yes Disability, Whaikaha Ministry for Disabled People, NZ’s Religious Diversity Centre and others are partnering nationally and locally in this multisector multifaith initiative.
Practical outcomes of this initiative will include resources for further engagement wherever a disabled person of faith lives. The process itself will enrich participants’ understanding of disability issues and interfaith relationships.
This is a co-design gathering that will contribute toward the eventual resource that will be practical and flexible for use in any places and situations.
For more information please contact or visit to register for a gathering near you.