The Ministry of Education is undertaking an important consultation on revising the rules and guidelines around physical restraint in New Zealand schools and kura. This follows changes to the law around the use of physical restraint in the Education and Training Act 2020. This will have relevance to disabled students. Feedback is required by 31st March.
The Ministry of Education also invites you to meet with David Wales, National Director Learning Support Delivery, and Ben O’Meara, Group Manager Policy, to discuss the draft Physical Restraint Rules and Guidelines.
This is an opportunity for you to hear about the work they are doing on the draft Rules and Guidelines, and to ask any key questions you may have to help you to complete the online consultation survey.
Please note, your comments on the day will also be recorded and used to inform the finalised Rules and Guidelines.
There will be two sessions available.
1. Sunday 27 February from 10:00am to 11:00am
2. Sunday 6 March from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.
The meetings will be held online via Microsoft Teams. Please see information below:
Link to Microsoft Teams meeting – Join on your computer or mobile app:  Click here to join the meeting
Click here for instructions on how to join if you do not have a Microsoft Teams account
Arrangements on the day
· All participants will be automatically muted on arrival to the meeting
· If you have any questions or comments during the meeting, use the in-meeting chat function
· The co-hosts will read your questions out to the presenter
· If you have trouble hearing the presenter or seeing the presentation, please use the chat function to let us know.