Parents Virtual Gatherings, more dates:

This week on Thursday 25th June 11.30am Claire Stearne from Ministry of Social Development will be joining us again to talk about ‘flexible’ use of VHN funding post school (including the tricky issue around buying items with this funding which is not currently possible) and about the dramatic change to Idea Services vocational day programmes. Claire will be with us from 11.30 till midday – thereafter we’ll be talking about flexibility of disability supports in general and if there’s an appetite among our group to drive this forward. The meeting finishes at 1pm. Here’s a link to this (and future) meetings:

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Password: Champions

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On 2nd July 11.30am till 1pm Parents Virtual Gathering Paul Miller from (Principal Advisor, System Transformation) Ministry of Health will join us again to talk about what a good day looks like once a student has left school, concepts of micro-enterprise, etc. Use the same link above to access 2nd July meeting.

Any queries please contact me (Lisa) on 027 266 7690 or