Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People – Growing voice and safety – quality improvement service design project

Please see below information from Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People about a quality improvement project where they are collecting input from disabled people and families over April and May 2023.
Key information 12 April 2023
What is the project
The purpose of this project is to design two proposed new quality improvement services. Firstly, a disabled-led peer monitoring service and secondly, an intensive quality improvement advisory service for providers. The services would ultimately increase the focus on the voice, good lives and human rights of disabled people, while also reducing the risks and occurrences of neglect and abuse in services.
The overall objective of the proposed two services is to keep disabled people safe from abuse and neglect and assist people to live their good life.
The disabled-led peer monitoring service would provide a way for disabled people’s voice to be heard. In the first phase the service is for disabled adults considered to be most at risk and who would have the most difficulty exiting an unsafe situation. The service design will be done so that over time the number of disabled people who can connect with peer monitors could widen.
The advisory service would assist providers who need to improve their support of disabled people who are considered most at risk, or who wish to develop their service in line with the principles of Enabling Good Lives.
Who is working on the project
The project sits within the Quality Team at Whaikaha. Whaikaha has contracted Sue Sherrard and Kate Cosgriff to lead the service design project. Sue is a disabled leader based in Auckland and Kate is based in Tauranga. Both Sue and Kate have extensive experience in the disability sector, including Enabling Good Lives.
The community partner for the project is the Whaikaha Insights Alliance. Their membership is tripartite, that is Tāngata Whaikaha Māori me ō rātou whānau, disabled people and families and Whaikaha staff. The Insights Alliance has formed a working group to co-design the new services alongside Sue and Kate. As the disability community is small and people know each other, Whaikaha needs to be thoughtful about the design process so that it is fair to everyone and manages conflicts of interest.
The design phase of the project runs from mid-March until 30 June 2023. During April and May Sue and Kate will seek input from many disability networks. The working group will complete the co-design, incorporating the input received.
A proposal, including service cost options, will then go to the Executive Leadership Team within Whaikaha at the end of June. If the decision is made to fund these two proposed new quality services Whaikaha will then begin the process of procurement.
How you can find out more and have input
If you would like to discuss the project or contribute your thoughts Sue and Kate would really like to hear from you. You will also receive an email update from Whaikaha when the design for the new services is completed and the outcome is known. Please contact Sue and Kate directly at: