“Putting People First”

“Putting People First”

 A review of Disability Support Services (DSS) Performance and Quality Management Processes for Purchased Provider Services was prepared for Hon Minister Tony Ryall, Minister of Health in November 2013. By David Russell (Ex Consumer), the late Beverley Grammer and Karen van Eden. This was requested by Minister Ryall after a number of instances of neglect and abuse in DSS funded residential services hit the media last year. Below is an excerpt from the executive summary:

At the heart of this project lies the essential recognition, that for disabled people to be safe, the systems that safeguard their well-being must be designed with an attitude of putting people first.

In line with the leadership role the Ministry has in overseeing the safety and well-being of disabled people, and setting the tone for the future, there is a need for the Ministry to:

put disabled people first in all future decisions and actions relating to residential services

support residential providers to place disabled people at the centre of their service – and design it from this premise out

lift the culture of the sector, by supporting good performance and the achievement of best outcomes

In short, the message the Ministry must communicate is that the safety of disabled people is paramount, and that anything less than this will not be tolerated.

Only one reason was given for contracting the panel to undertake this review – to learn from the past and improve in the future.

To view the document in full go to www.health.govt.nz  – Putting People First

Pam MacNeill has been appointed as project manager by DSS to implement the recommendations of this review.