Parents Virtual Gatherings, more dates:

Parents Virtual Gatherings, more dates:

This week on Thursday 25th June 11.30am Claire Stearne from Ministry of Social Development will be joining us again to talk about ‘flexible’ use of VHN funding post school (including the tricky issue around buying items with this funding which is not currently possible) and about the dramatic change to Idea Services vocational day programmes. […]

Parents Virtual Gatherings:

Family Network NZ and Complex Care Group are family led change agencies working for other families who have a son or daughter with an intellectual disability and or complex needs. During the month of May we hosted four successful virtual meetings via zoom with guest speakers from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development and […]

More Families Virtual Gatherings

We are running a further 4x Zoom Family Gatherings each Thursday from 11.30am till 1pm. These gatherings have been very popular and all are welcome to attend. This Thursday 28th our speaker will be Claire Stearne, Ministry of Social Development. Claire spoke last week at our family gathering Zoom on the topic of post schooling […]

Update re Families Virtual Gathering Zoom meetings Over the last two weeks Complex Care Group collaborated with Family Network NZ to deliver 4x Zoom calls in which parents could participate, meet each-other, and express their concerns and questions to Ministry of Health and other officials. Zoom is an online ‘virtual’ meeting platform enabling groups of […]