Voice is the area where people get to speak up about the larger welfare of the community and contact our board. Here you can find out about your rights, speak with CCG directly and have your say through online polls.


Definition Document

The CCG Board has written a “Definition Document” to provide clarification around our unique population and their needs. You may find it helpful to share a copy of this document with your NASC, ACC case manager or service providers… read more »


Report and Issues Register

The co-ordinator of  CCG provides a report and issues register to the Ministry of Health (MoH) each quarter identifying trends and issues that are affecting members… read more »


Who can speak for the disabled person you support?

Now that it is legally accepted that children become adults at the age of 18yrs it is inevitable that you will come across the issue of who can speak on behalf of the disabled young person you support… read more »